key west florida

Key west florida

Key west fl

What a place at the end of the world. Plenty to see and do from Duval street to fishing for tuna, mahi-mahi or sailfish off shore. What better way to travel to the Keys than on a boat along the Gulf coast of Florida. We left Everglades City, Florida on our 45 ft fishing vessel named the Lolife. Along the way we were able to see dolphin, sharks and the occasional bird hitching a ride on the back of a loggerhead turtle. Once arriving and docking at Conch Harbor, Key West you can feel the island atmosphere and laid back way of life. Some may say your overdressed in anything more than the island wear of shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

Key west florida
Good day fishing

Fishing off shore we caught many mahi-mahi and a tuna while trolling. Clear blue water slick as a mirror with just a hint of breeze was good as it get’s. Fish were gathered around grass lines and you could see them in big schools at times.

Key West is also known as the Southern Most Point of the Continental United States. Be sure to hit Duval street where we can found plenty of shopping and restaurants, but what really draws people here is the nightlife. From the Green Parrot to Sloppy Joe’s we found lots of places to have a good time.

We are now headed back to Everglades city where the swamps and airboats are located. Key west is left behind for another year.